A responsive blogging & content managing system based on ASP.NET Core 2.2

  • Fully responsive, with beautiful css animations & box shadows.
  • Mordern design, with excessive use of svg & linear gradient colors.
  • Lightweight & fast, built with .NET Core, performs blazing fast with minimum memory usage.


A Modular Subset C compiler

  • Translates a subset of C language into MIPS assembly language
  • All modular design from preprcessor to Optimizer, can implement your own module at ease.
  • Use XML as intermediate representation.

Student Achievement System

B/S Web based Student Manage System

  • Built using Spring + Spring MVC + Mybatis + MySQL(mariaDB) Java EE
  • Supports basic web interfacing and database manipulating.
  • Display and maintain the ranking of students or employees.


A Gomoku(five in a line) AI which is capable of play basic Gomoku games

  • Base level using Alpha Beta Pruning.
  • Middle level using 3 FC Neural Networks
  • Top level using Genetic Algorithm.


A Real-Time Communication SoftWare built for Linux

  • GUI built using GTK 2.8.3.
  • Message Encrypted using AES-128.
  • User Infomation stored in MySQL Database.
  • Self created TCP based communication protocol.
  • Supports group chat, file transfer, message history, screenshot etc.